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In medieval law, a constable was a high functionary under the French and English kings. The importance and dignity of this position was second only to that of the monarch. The constable led the royal armies and was cognizant of all military matters, exercising both civil and military jurisdiction. It was also his duty to conserve the peace of the nation.

In English Law, a constable was a public civil officer whose general duty was to maintain the peace within his district, although he was frequently charged with additional obligations. "High," "petty," and "special" constables formerly existed. In many cases, the police have assumed the functions of constables.

In our current society, Constables serve in the broad area of helping to maintain peaceful operation of Official Town Events and Functions, as well as assisting in traffic control. There are 7 elected Canterbury Constables, and possibly a Special Constable or two (appointed), each serving a 2-year term.

Canterbury Constables

Special Constable
Special Constable

Town Hall
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Canterbury, CT 06331
United States

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