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Recreation Commission

Recreation Commission

Meeting Schedule:
Monthly meeting is held at the Town Hall on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

Jim Glennon, Chair, 546-9397
Jim Molkenthin, 546-6191
Additional members: Robert Cox, Michael Fitch, Denise Lindell, Roger Ings, and Prentiss Balcom

The recreation commission arranges for services at Town fields with payments from the grounds & parks account. These expenses include routine maintenance and improvements.

We coordinate recreational programs for children with payments to instructors through the recreational program's account. Arrangements for substantial improvements at Town fields are accomplished with payments from the Recreation Capital Improvement Account (CIP).

Please refer to the Rec. Programs and Field calendars or the Town newsletter for a list of current activities and recreational programs.

More information on the Canterbury Recreation Commission is available at the Canterbury Athletic Association (CAA) website at:


Manship Park closed for construction

Manship Park was closed as of 1 Apr. and the construction phase of the STEAP project has begun. Work clearing the site for a future tennis or basketball court has been started. Additional projects include playground relocation/volleyball court renovation, baseball field renovation, and soccer field improvements. Updates will be made to the downloadable timeline below. 


Areas of Manship Park will be reopened when possible following construction. There are safety concerns that must be considered. Seeding of the fields will not happen until the late summer/fall of 2014, and there is a warranty period for the grass. We ask for everyone’s cooperation while the park is closed – this is a win-win situation for everyone. 







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